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Target Optical is an optical company located inside Target stores across the United States. Target Optical was founded by the Cole National Corp in 1995 in Cleveland, Ohio. In 2004 the Cole National corporation was acquired by Luxottica S.p.A., this included other Cole National holdings like Pearle Vision. Luxottica folded Cole's operations into its North American Retail Group and the Cole structure was dissolved. Target Optical headquarters is located in the North American Retail Groups headquarters in Mason, Ohio.

Target Optical has poor customer service and quality, warranties are not always guaranteed, Patricia N wrote at

"Poor Customer Service. Asked for replacement lenses after 60 days because the coating was coming off. Received them and they came from the lab in worse shape than first pair and when the sales clerk put the new lenses in she damaged my frames. No one will call me back and I am well below my 90-day warranty and also paid $35.00 for an extended warranty. Also sent an email to target customer service and no response either. Go Someplace Else."


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Optican (Former Employee) says

"They have no idea how to run the region. The upper management is absolutely disconnected with the rest of the state. If you are an optician. Run. Away. Do not fall for the coolaid. Escape. Go to the countless other places to work. The money is good. But they will run you into the group and they tell you you don’t have a job.MoneyEverything else."

Optical Manager (Former Employee) says

"The only real way to make any money with looks Nautica. Is becoming a manager as I did but I could not take the up cells and teaching my employees how to over sell products that patients do not needNaEverything besides pay"

Optical Manager (Former Employee) says

"To high pressure job, over kill on meeting calls and meetings, to many employee turn overs and doctor changes. Felt like nothing was good enough , worked all weekendLoved patientsOver kill on goals"

Optical Team Member (Former Employee) says

"Luxottica is an awful company to work for for an extended period of time. It is a great place to start, but for your own sanity do not stay there for longer than a year."

Licensed Optician (Former Employee) says

"It was not a fair place to work. If management did not like you they would make it very hard to work there. I was criticized because of my religious beliefs and my political choices. Was made to feel very uncomfortable at timesNoneHours of operation"

Optical Team Lead (Current Employee) says

"Terrible place to work! Single coverage stores. Work life balance? Won't find it here. You get bothered off the clock. Hardly any recognition. Company would rather point your faults out than celebrate your victories. PTO? Hah...yeah you get called into work even though you are on vacation. Regional managers rotate like a carousel. Don't expect any support.Free glasses every year. That's it.Everything."

Optical Technician (Current Employee) says

"They need to be more patient with brand new stores especially when they have a brand new doctor that doesn't take a lot of insurance is instead of saying cup half empty be realisticDecent payLong hours not enough positive reinforcement"

Optician (Former Employee) says

"I loved my job and the work @ Target Optical. I was loved by my customers & enjoyed every aspect of my job. However I was hired as a full time employee, & was given 20, sometimes less, hrs a week!! My manager showed favoritism & when her friend, who'd quit to work @ another optical store, wanted to come back to work @ Target because she was fired, my manager made up reasons to cut my hrs in order to give them to her friend. I could not make enough to live on so I had to leave.I enjoyed so many things about my job & loved going to work.My manager was extremely unfair & immature towards her employees."

Optician (Current Employee) says

"so much favoritism from current store manager, lets certain associate get her way, does nothing to reduce workplace stress from favorited associate, manager says one thing does anotherfree glasses after 1 yr with company"

Optical Team Lead (Current Employee) says

"love the guests, you meet all kinds of people. The OD's are cool for the most part, can be a trying relationship... hours suck, not enough payroll.guestspayroll allotment"


"You get to meet many people and learn more about the optical world. You get to interact with different doctors and everyone is friendly. However, during my time there were many company changes and they were not presented efficiently. Also, their training could have been better."

Optical Manager/Optical Team Lead (Current Employee) says

"Been here 3 years, love it! It’s hard to find an optometrist to partner with in mid-sized cities, such as mine. Job is fun, been selling glasses over 20 years, best job ever!Guests, benefits, discounts, inside TargetOpen 7 days a week, working holidays, trying to reinvent the wheel to prove to corporate we are working, or to give themselves more work."

Darby Croasdale says

"Because of COVID, they updated their return policy to not return Health and Beauty items. My dad bought me the wrong kind of headbands I needed so I took them back right after. They were unopened and only in my house less than an hour, not that it matters. The woman at the counter was rude; she looked at the item I put down on the counter, paused, and picked up the phone to call someone over the intercom about something unrelated to me. Then she says I can't return this because it's health and beauty, even though it's an unopened package of hairbands. It's not a lice outbreak, for Christ's sake. Their new policy sucks and I'm not going to buy anything from there again."

Cora Coyle says

"Horrible business practices! I was a fan of Target til I recently placed an order for my kids school supplies. Most of the items had two day shipping but one or two had a date that was after my kids started school. I was ok with those items arriving later but what did target do without notifying me, shipping everything together with the latest arrival date of after my kids are in school!! What a waste! And they shipped FEDEX which are the worst carrier out there and never get me my stuff on time! Guess I have to go back to Walmart who actually ships the items in the promised time."

Beyonca Kellam says

"I ordered groceries to be delivered on the 18th. They were fast with delivery, I was charged $84 that same day and was satisfied with everything. However, after I rated my experience my card was charged an additional amount from target in the amount of $62 causing my debit card to be charged TWICE. After that I contacted Target in which they explained they do charge the first amount but it’s adjusted later for the actual amount of the groceries and I understood all of that. I frequently order groceries so I’m well aware of how the amounts work. The thing that gets me is that I’ve never had this happen with any other grocery delivery company. I’ve never been charged twice. I budget frequently and like to have things in order and they messed my account up by doubling the amount at the same time. It’s been a week now and I’m still waiting on my money to be returned. This is ridiculous considering I’ve never had to go through this slow process with my money returning back to my account. I will never ever ever order groceries from Target again. NEVER!!!"

Judy Saucier says

"Horrible service at Target website! Placed an order to be shipped got email out of stock can’t be shipped but had in store! Place an order for pick up in store! Two hours later get email no longer available in store! Horrible customer service! Will stop buying at Target !"

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